Authentic Life Fellowship of Greenville

”Go & Tell” Luke 16:19-31 By: Pastor Jimmy Vaughn

April 5, 2022

Today marks a very special milestone for ALF's podcast, this episode is the Five-Hundreth episode since Oct. of 2010. Thank you to all the great teachers who have contributed, to the A/V team for their faithfulness, and of course to you for listening and sharing...we truly are here for you!

I've heard it said that "A half-truth is a whole lie" We live in a time where the prospect of life after death is debatable, and if there is a Heaven or Hell the qualifications for one or the other are even more uncertain. Today Pastor Jimmy will share the simple truth about hell, no yelling, just the facts. As usual, Pastor Jimmy will handle to text with humor and simple explanations. 

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